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Expertly Built

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Reliable from day 1


The way a pontoon boat is built affects the ride you get from the boat. Each Barletta is built with your comfort and safety in mind and it’s one of the main factors behind what sets Barletta apart from the rest.

Extra Long Heavy Duty M - Brackets & Risers
Longer and stronger than most, our risers provide an immense amount of structural support. Additionally, they'll keep you up above the water, keeping you high and dry.
Extra Thick Full Length F - Channel
Not only does this extra-thick F-Channel provide an additional way of securing the flooring to the deck, it also provides a stylish protection against the occasional breakout of "dock-rash."
Hybrid Crossmember Box/I - Beam
Featuring Box/I-Beam crossmembers in combination with C-Channel crossmembers, our under deck structure is arguably the strongest in the industry. Bolted to the risers, and utilizing VIP technology, you'll enjoy years of issue-free on-water experiences with your family.
Oversized C - Channels
C - Channels in combination with our Box/I-Beam crossmembers create the most durable pontoon platform for high performance and a quiet ride.

7-ply Marine grade Plywood
The industry standard for 50+ years, our marine grade plywood is durable and dependable. Our deck substrate provides the best opportunity for fastening to our structure, for decking adherence, and excellent sound deadening qualities.
Deck Fasteners
Our rust - free heavy duty coated screws will perform as well as bolts of any type. Because bolts require pre-drilled holes, there is an opportunity for flexing and loosening over time, these screws create a lot more points of contact. Barletta’s wood-to-aluminum screws are specifically designed to do just that - fasten wood to aluminum. Combined with an additional bonding agent used by our decking team, and you create a self-sealing adhesion which helps prevents future movement and leaks.
Extended Motor Pod
Our extended motor pod eliminates the need for engine tilt restrictors. Our engine cowelings will not hit our tube-tow bar.

090 Gauge Aluminum Tubes

Barletta’s pontoon tubes are structurally one of the strongest tubes in the industry. Built with 0.090 aluminum, our pontoon tubes are chambered and feature heavy duty baffles, extra aft structural support, heavy-duty splash find, nosecone, and full-length solid extruded keels. Add in the dual stage full length lifting strakes and exterior wave tamers, and you have the makings of a worry free ride on the water.

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