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Over 50 years of luxury and innovation

5 star experiences for all Cobalt Owners

Constant innovation on both the interior and exterior 


Whether you are already a Cobalt owner or are curious about our boats and the lifestyle they afford you—discover everything you need to know about their timelessly modern design, head-turning style, and standout ride. Browse to see imagery of our luxury boats in action, read stories from our community of owners, learn about the latest innovations we’re developing, and more.

To this day, Cobalt Boats anchor night after night in a tradition of rugged individualism, in the pride of people with extraordinary skills set among a small town’s uncompromising notion of what might be. We know these people, the neighbors who come every morning to build these boats. We know their grandparents and their grandkids, second and third generations of families crafting nearly five decades of Cobalts. These are rooted people, solid in a work ethic born on farms and ranches, people who understand the ways in which personal accountability serves collective achievement. People who grew up together with Cobalt’s founders in a small town with big ideas. People with a sense of place. And of time.


Cobalt Boats has always been at the forefront of innovation, introducing many industry-firsts throughout our company’s history. Innovations began in the 1970s with electric windshield, fiberglass stringers, and aircraft-style switches and circuit breakers at the instrument panel. The 1980s introduced the first extended running surface, now-iconic bow scuff plate with the Condurre Series, and flip-lip seat bolster. In the 1990s there was the electric folding swim platform (of the 272) and the bow scuff plate evolved as standard equipment on all models. In the 2000s the Flip-Down Swim Step became another Cobalt exclusive innovation that reinvented water-borne activities and was awarded a U.S. patent in 2013.


COBALT SURF SYSTEM: With Cobalt’s revolutionary surf system, Custom Wave Technology powered by Volvo Penta, you get the combination of Malibu Surf Gate™ with an explicitly designed surf hull, the Volvo FWD powertrain, and multiple hard ballast tanks that can have as much as 2,350 pounds of ballast. Plus, select your rider profile and the system will automatically configure the boat per the pre-saved profile setting. The result is a best-in-class wave that will even compete with some competition towboats.

VOLVO PENTA FWD: Cobalt’s Custom Wave Technology begins with the Volvo Penta FWD powertrain, uniquely engineered with forward-facing Duoprops positioned well under the boat for added safety. The counter-rotating props pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it, resulting in better bite, acceleration, and speed in a more efficient, smooth way, increasing fuel economy. Because the Forward Drive is under the boat, there’s less noise and exhaust, meaning more comfort. The adjustment of drive trim is also one of the single biggest factors to quickly adjusting a wave to your liking.

AUTO DEPLOY GALLEY: Although a galley is undoubtedly beneficial when in use, it can occupy valuable deck and seating space when not in operation. The AutoDeploy Galley by Cobalt incorporates all the features one would expect from a yacht-quality galley, such as a sink, electric grill, and microwave with a solid surface countertop. When concealed, the galley top is equipped with a full-thickness cushion. At the touch of a button, the assembly elevates in less than 20 seconds, granting access to the galley.

FRESCO CHIL VINYL: Finally, no more hot seats on darker colored vinyl while you’re out enjoying a full day of fun on the water. This anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, mildew-resistant, and sulfide stain-resistant fabric technology keeps your vinyl a full 15-20 degrees cooler than traditional vinyl even when it’s out in the sun.

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